The question of who is responsible, that’s a complicated one. The question of who needs help? Very simple. Let’s get into it.

At the intersection of Democratic Socialism, COVID, Drug Wars, and electoral politics; you’ll find Jalisco.

How a dwindling minority of mid-caste teacher’s pets dominate the expert class despite their near-total lack of experience

Let’s boycott the Hollywood machine and help the hard-working people who work its levers. The IATSE is about to go on strike!

Cats are living, thinking creatures of nature who have lived all over the world for millions of years. I will continue to feed them.

I saw Black Widow a day before release in the USA. It’s an enjoyable superhero movie and also a well-crafted piece of propaganda. (Contains Spoilers)


I saw Black Widow a day before it was released in the USA. The cast has all the curves, and I’ve got all the angles.

Photo From Marvel Studios: Superhero Assassin Kills From Afar While Thinking Up Funny Comebacks

After months of reality-bending weirdness on Disney+, Black Widow will show what the Company has in mind for the medium that built their fortune. This casual fan hopes they keep it simple.

Gentleman Bandit

Writing about politics, world events, and entertainment from my home on the endless road.

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