At the intersection of Democratic Socialism, COVID, Drug Wars, and electoral politics; you’ll find Jalisco.

The team running the show for Luis Munguia beat everybody else to the punch. His campaign posters were up when Shaina and I first arrived in Jalisco eight months ago, a handsome young candidate in the vein of Justin Trudeau, wearing a guayabera with the top two buttons undone in his dashing campaign poster. Munguia represents the Partido Verde, which I take to be much like the Green Parties of other countries in its Left of Center stance and environmental focus, but appears unlike those parties in its abundance of advertising dollars. The next wave came from Movimiento Ciudadano, described…

Gothenberg, 2001

Here’s a little history lesson.

You might have heard about The Yellow Vests (Gilets Jaunes) protesting hard in France for the past few years. There was a comparable movement in the late 90s and early 2000s, which focused on radical group tactics of defense in order to successfully stand up to riot police and other forms of crowd control. …

How a dwindling minority of mid-caste teacher’s pets dominate the expert class despite their near-total lack of experience

I’ve written before about the Square University Culture. I don’t mean everybody who attends university — I mean people who are born in comfortable circumstances, advance easily through the educational system, get their university degrees, then find jobs and settle into comfortable lives (generally including marriage, kids, buying a house, fiddling around on the stock market, maybe a dog) until they eventually die. A lot of folks will read the preceding description and say, “But isn’t that everybody?” Hilarious.

There are presently around 2.3 million people incarcerated in the USA. Most of those are poor people with limited education (less…

Cats are living, thinking creatures of nature who have lived all over the world for millions of years. I will continue to feed them.

I too have lived all over the world. One thing I immediately notice about any city I travel to is the stray cat situation. Some cities are teeming with cats, on the street and in the parks, slinking along the tops of walls, visiting their favorite cafes for scraps and scratches, standing sentry on terraces and sheds. The people in those cities are kind to their stray cats. They leave food out for them, call them by familiar names, invite them inside to sit by the wood stove, and generally regard them as beloved co-inhabitants of the city. Cities like…

I saw Black Widow a day before release in the USA. It’s an enjoyable superhero movie and also a well-crafted piece of propaganda. (Contains Spoilers)

I saw Black Widow a day ahead of its release in the USA. It was good, you know? What can one say about such a movie besides that I had a really fun time watching a well-produced blockbuster? The fun for me resides in looking at the angles. To wit:


I’m not the first person to notice that the MCU functions in part as propaganda for the United States military-industrial complex. The Avengers basically work for the government, and SHIELD is like a supercharged Department of Homeland Security. They even changed the name in the movies from Supreme Headquarters International…

I saw Black Widow a day before it was released in the USA. The cast has all the curves, and I’ve got all the angles.

Spoilers all day, True Believers. This article is positively bristling with spoilers.

Photo From Marvel Studios: Superhero Assassin Kills From Afar While Thinking Up Funny Comebacks

I was a big Marvel Comics geek as a kid, then I grew up and stopped reading that sort of thing for the most part, but then they came out with these movies. Now I’m just a casual fan, without even a Disney+ subscription to secure my MCU bona fides, but I still made a point of watching Black Widow on opening night. Since I’m in Mexico, that was Thursday (yesterday) instead of Friday (today). It was good.

That’s the rub when it comes to writing about blockbuster…

After months of reality-bending weirdness on Disney+, Black Widow will show what the Company has in mind for the medium that built their fortune. This casual fan hopes they keep it simple.

I’m disinclined toward the big pop culture media properties. Star Wars, Star Trek, DC, Harry Potter — I haven’t kept up with these, both because I’m an adult and because whatever sparks of creativity inspired those fictional worlds has long since given way to a corporatized process that utterly adulterates the final product. All this is true of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well, but I do intend to see Black Widow tomorrow when it premiers in Mexico. I was a child geek of diverse interests, with both Star Wars and DC (especially Batman) taking up a great deal of…

An update in light of the resumed bombing of Gaza.

About a month and a half ago, Israel did what Israel does and began a period of bombing and otherwise attacking the Gaza Strip. 256 Palestinians (including 66 children) were killed in the bombing, 1900 were injured, and at least 72,000 displaced (which is to say that their homes were destroyed) in the space of roughly one week. On the Israeli side: 13, 200, and zero respectively. A ceasefire was negotiated, which briefly took effect on the 21st of May. The world breathed a collective sigh of relief, and Big…

thoughts on a childhood obsession

I was born in 1974, four years before Prince’s first album came out. The first I ever saw him, if memory serves, was when the 1999 video came on my little black and white TV in Los Angeles. Cable TV was a rich kid thing at that time, but the local channels had music video shows in the afternoons and late at night. I caught Little Red Corvette shortly thereafter, and I saw him perform Party Up on reruns of Saturday Night Live. I loved the way he looked — this insane cultureclash of 18th-century fantasycore, big city street culture…

This is a fine example of the sort of person I recommend ignoring, if you're interested in helping the people of Palestine.

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